The following is a list of resources we recommend for safety, knowledge, supplies, and other worthwhile rope related topics:


  1. Better Bondage By Evie Vane (a print book containing chapters on a variety of perspectives related to being in rope)
  2. Clover’s Rope Bottom Guide (an informative but brief free PDF covering helpful topics around learning to be in rope and navigate rope safely)
  3. The Beauty of Kinbaku by Master K (a helpful resource on the history and cultural context of modern Japanese inspired rope)
  4. Kinbaku Today (a website that posts interviews with high profile rope people, articles on various rope topics, etc)
  5. Kinbakunomicon (ok this is actually a podcast, but I’m putting it in this section anyway!)


  1. Japanese Bound – an online archive of all kinds of Japanese rope videos to purchase for streaming/download. Includes instructionals, performances, porn, etc.
  2. Ropeflix – run by the same people as Japanese Bound, but this is a monthly fee streaming version.

Online Tutorials

  1. Wykd Dave’s Youtube: various tutorials and discussion by UK instructor Wykd Dave
  2. Crash Restraint: articles and tutorials by Topologist of San Francisco
  3. Remedial Ropes: tutorials and safety information by Shay of San Francisco

Rope Vendors

  1. MyNawashi: high quality, affordable, single lengths of jute. This is my top recommendation for new people getting into rope.
  2. Twisted Monk: a good source for various rope (I like their hemp)
  3. Reinforced Jute Uplines: a good risk mitigating tool for suspension

Other Gear

  1. Suspension carabiners: I like these because they’re not larger than they need to be, but they have a nice wide, flat surface for suspension lines. I use these as my main carabiners
  2. Secondary carabiners: I like these for creating pulley systems, reducing friction at the attachment site on the bottom, or spacing out my point setup.
  3. Safety shears
  4. Rigging knife/marlin spike
  5. Slings for suspension
  6. Portable Suspension Frames

National Rope Events

  1. Bondage Expo Dallas: a large annual conference each April in Dallas. 300-400 attendees, national and international presenters, 3 days of classes, performances, play parties
  2. Ropecraft: a twice annual rope conference with national presenters, performances, and play parties
  3. NARIX: a twice annual peer to peer rope education and community building event. Location varies. (full disclosure: I’m a steering committee member of this event)