If you feel a facilitator has behaved in a way that inconsistent with our code of conduct or our values, and you don’t feel safe communicating that directly (or you tried, and you don’t feel like we heard and acknowledged you), we have established an accountability relationship with a fellow community leader. WhiskyTangoFoxy is a rope educator based out of the midwest and national event organizer. She knows SweetZephyr from organizing collaboration and events, but is not a she is not a close personal friend, or partner in play or business.

While we are committed to holding safe space to hear feedback and address concerns in a way that honors everyone’s feelings and experience, we recognize that as educators, there are power dynamics that may result in people not feeling comfortable communicating concerns directly. We also recognize that we make mistakes and that it is possible that despite our best efforts, way may occasionally not respond to someone’s concerns in a way that resolves the issue for them.

In either of these cases, you may feel free to reach out to our accountability person, WhiskyTangoFoxy. She will help us hear and address your experience and concerns in a way that feels safe for you.


You can reach her in the following ways:

Fetlife message: WhiskyTangoFoxy

Wire: @whiskytangofoxy
Telegram: WhiskyTango Foxy
Kik: Whisky_Tango_Foxy